1. What´s FUOLOGY?

FUOLOGY is an innovative Marketplace connecting, in the same virtual space, users who are searching for a specific service, and professionals who offer services.

The name FUOLOGY represents the connect between the martial art known as Kung Fu, born in chinese temples and practiced by monks for both physical and spiritual development. The suffix Ology represents science, an area of knowledge.

2. How to access the FUOLOGY platform?

To use the platform, just go to and complete your registration.

3. How does the platform work?

If you are looking for services, you will find all the required information in the HOW TO LOOK FOR SERVICES page.If you are looking to offer a service, you can go to the page. HOW TO OFFER SERVICES page..

4. What are local services Click&Go?

In the Click&Go services you can find FUs that will help you with all tasks around these specific areas: “Animation & Events”, “Animals”, “House Support”, “Automobiles”, “Home: Remodelling, Maintenance, Assembly, Sports and Well-Being, Exterior, FUExpress and Home Tasks. Click  here to browse the full list including available specializations for each service category.

5. What are remote jobs PRO?

In the PRO jobs section you can find FUs to help you in more specialized areas that require a specific set of skills and accreditation, such as: Law, Sales, Music & Arts, Bloggers/Writers, Accounting, Consulting and Taxation, Creative Minds, Digital Marketing, Engineering, Arquitecture, Tutoring, Technology and Data Analysis, Translation, Virtual Support, Web, Mobile & Software and Digital Influencers/Youtubers. Click here to browse the full list, including the specific specialization for each service category.

6. What are services made by direct booking?

Services made by direct booking are those for which a specific date and time is agreed upon by both parties and may require going/travelling to the designated spot.

7. What are services with a set date and time?

Services with a set date and time are all those that require a specific date and time of completion of the task.

8. How many languages does FUOLOGY support?

The platform is available in Portuguese, English and French. Keep and eye out for other languages coming soon!

9. What are the available payment methods?

Clients can pay by Credit Card or Multibanco (Available in Portugal only).

10. How are payments processed?

The payments are made directly to FUOLOGY, and processed by a third party platform, STRIPE, in a completely safe, anonymous and transparent manner.

11. What type of services can I offer through the FUOLOGY platform?

Our services are segmented between local services Click&Go and remote services PRO. All available services can be found in the following list..

12. Is FUOLOGY available in my city?

The FUOLOGY platform is global. Therefore, most services do not require you to move and can be requested in any part of the world.

Nevertheless, those services that do require you to travel / go to a specific area are limited to the country where our FUs are located.

13. Can I live anywhere in the world and offer services through the FUOLOGY platform?

FU registration is limited to the following 22 countries: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, USA, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Swiss.

14. Up until when can I file a complaint?

You can contact us through the following email: or fill our online questionnaire.

FUOLOGY then notifies the Client and the FU that the FUticket was closed (Concluded service).

The Client and the FU have up until 72hours to file a complaint through the form made for that effect. After that period, the funds will be transferred to the respective FU´s account.

15. Can I cancel the service based on it´s poor quality?

No. The services are not eligible to be cancelled based on their quality, or any of the materials supplied by the FU. If these were made in accordance with the FuCARD description, they cannot be cancelled.

Clients can, however, leave a review after the service is concluded, and can comment on the service quality.

FUOLOGY encourages Clients and FUs to resolve any sort of disputes among themselves, however if this cannot be achieved, they can always contact us through

16. Why does FUOLOGY not have a direct phone line?

We would rather use email as the means of communication in order to keep a record of all issues. This guarantees that both parties have easy access to all historical communications, which can be consulted at all times.

All emails will be promptly replied to within 48 hours.

17.Can I apply for a job at FUOLOGY?

Yes. Please check all available openings in our Recruitment page.

18.I need a recurring service what shall I do?

After each service has been completed for the first time, you will have the opportunity to make it recurring (this is only available for specific services though).

19.How can I review the FUs?

Whenever a FU finishes a job, you will receive an email with a connect to evaluate the work. You also have the option to do this via the “Your Account” section (UserHub).

20. I have hired a FU, but I no longer need the work. Will I get a refund?

Whenever a service is cancelled, (this has to be prior to the work having started) the client will have the opportunity to select another FU. If the client decides to indeed go through with the cancellation, he/she will incur a payment processing cost of:

  • 1,4%+0,25€ for payments made with an European credit card;
  • 2,9% + 0,25€ for payments made with a non-European credit card;
  • 2,95% + 0,25€s for payments made by “Multibanco”.

In the event that the payment has been made, but still on pre-authorization (maximum of 6 days after the date of hiring) the client will not incur in any payment processing fees.

If the specific work is of “direct hiring” nature, and requires moving, cancelation will be free up until 4 hours before the event. (the client will only incur the payment processing fee mentioned above). After that period, the cliente will get charged 25% of the total amount of the agreed service).

For services with a set date and time, if the work has already reached 50% completion, it will be charged the full amount.

21. Can I correct the payment amount?

Yes but only if the amount is higher than what was agreed up. You cannot make any changes to the agreed sum if this implies a lower amount than what was agreed up.

If you have any questions, please contact our support via email:

1. What are the advantages of being a FU

FUOLOGY allows our FUs to work at any time anywhere. You are in full control, you can decide how many different services you want to offer, and how much you want to charge.

We have developed a rank system that allows you to profit from a lower maintenance and advertisement fee and use the acquired experienced to increase the amount you charge for your services. The happier clients are with your work, the more rating they will give you, which in turn, will allow you to rank up first in the FU list.

What are you waiting for? Become a FU now!

2. What are the requirements to become a FU?

To become a FU first you need to register for an account and create your FuCARD. You must have be at least 18 years old when completing the registration.

The following information will be requested of you: Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Country of Residence, Post Code, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Password, Picture, Description, Professional Title, Education, Technical Skills, Professional Level, Languages, Services, Hourly Rate and Availability.

We encourage you to be sociable, joyful and professional.

3. Can I register on behalf of a company.

No. Every platform user, whether offering or looking for a service can be: individuals, independent workers, or companies. Nevertheless, when registering, the user will need to register as an individual, and cannot register as a third party. The name that will be shown on the platform will the user´s own first name followed the first letter of the Surname. However, in the settings section, users may ask that billing is issued on behalf of the company they represent.

4. I am underaged can I register as a FU?

No. No personal data or application will be considered for anyone under the age of 18.

5. Posso somente oferecer serviços virtuais/remotos? Can I only offer my services remotely?

Yes. The majority of our categories are indeed to be done remotely. A good example is the AskFuPro option, which allows you to get consulting expertise in many different areas.

6. Can I charge the moving costs to the Client?

Yes. When registering the (FuCARD) you can define a moving cost for 3 different areas.

7. Do the clients have access to my documents?

No. Clients can only see the information available in your FuCard. The submitted documents are kept and encrypted by FUOLOGY and cannot be consulted by the Clients.

8.Can I make changes to the job offer?

Yes. You can make changes to the job offer at any time, including adding additional costs, even after the service is completed. Nevertheless, these costs will always depend on the Client´s prior approval. FUOLOGY cannot be held accountable to lack of payment due to lack of approval by the Client.

9. Can I add any additonal invoices from purchasing any required materials to complete the requested service?

When hiring, the Client will have the option to define if the service / job requires the purchase of specific materials. The client can also define the allowed amount. If this option is active, just access the service request, click on the “PURCHASES WITH INVOICE” section, fill in the purchased amount (this has to be less than the total amount allowed by the Client) and submit the invoice. If this option is not available, you will not be able to submit the Invoice, and FUOLOGY cannot be held accountable to any lack of payment by the client.

10. How will I know if the client has paid for the hired job?

As soon as the payment is made, Clients and FUs will receive a confirmation email, including the FuTicket number

11. Can I reschedule a service?

Yes. All direct booking services, or services with a set date and time can be rescheduled, up until a maximum of three times. To make this change, just go to the Service request and click on the “RESCHEDULE SERVICE / CHANGE DELIVERY DATE” button.

Before you make this change though, we recommend that you contact the Client, sending him/her a message through our platform. This will guarantee that the Client is aware and agree withs the change request. As soon as you make this change, the Client will be notified and will have the option to cancel the service all together or select another FU.

In the event of several rescheduls or being late, FUOLOGY may decide to block your account without prior notice.

12. May I cancel my service even if the payment has been made?

Yes, you only need to access the booked service and click the CANCEL button and justify your decision. However, in the case of repetitive cancellations, FUOLOGY reserves the right to suspend the FU account without prior notice.

13.What does the “SUBMIT WORK” button do?

For services that have a set date and time delivery limit, FUs have to submit the files or proof they have completed their work, according with the service description in their FuCARD, by using the “SUBMIT WORK”. FUs are responsible for guaranteeing that the submitted files have no viruses. FUOLOGY cannot be held accountable by any damages caused by poor file quality.

In case there are no more changes to be made, FUs will have to complete the task by clicking on the “Close FuTicket” button.

14. When can I click on the “Close FuTicket” button?

FUs should click on the “CLOSE FUTICKET” button after the service is completed.

The misuse of this button (eg if it is pressed on too many times without the service being completed) may result in the account being suspended and a bad review on behalf of the Client.

15. Can I send any documents, completed tasks via email or internal chat to the client?

No. All work documents must be submitted via the “SUBMIT WORK” option.

16. Why do I have a color sash?

After registering you will be attributed a yellow sash, corresponding to the Level 1.

Each color sash matches a specific level. In order to progress, 2 variables will be taken into account: “number of jobs successfully completed” and “reviews”.

To know more please check the FUOLOGY sashes and pricing..

17. I have closed my FuTicket, but my FuCash balance has not increased. Have I done something wrong?

After receiving the notification that the service is completed, the Client has 72hours to file a complaint. After this period, should everything be alright, the funds will be automatically transferred to the FUs account. You can check your FuCASH balance directly on your FuBOARD.

18. When will I be reviewed?

After the service is successfully completed, FUOLOGY will allow Clients to submit a review. This review consists of a star ranking system, together with commentary.

19. Are FUs employed by FUOLOGY

No. FUs are single individuals, working both on their and companies´ behalf, but have no legal, binding contract with FUOLOGY.

20. Do I need any type of insurance?

Both FUs and Clients are responsible for any specific insurance related with the tasks at hand. FUOLOGY cannot be held accountable for any resulting damage before, during or after a service is performed.

21. Should I declare any earnings / income from services rendered through FUOLOGY?

It is entirely the FU’s responsibility to declare any earnings / income earned from any services rendered through the platform.

22. Should I invoice the client?

It is entirely the FU’s responsibility to invoice the Client. The FU has to be compliant with any legal obligations and the applied country tax laws.

The Clients data, the amount and the service details necessary to fill in the Invoice are available under the “DATA FOR INVOICING” button. This button should be used to attach and send the respective bill to the client.

23. What tax should I apply to my Client?

By clicking on the “DATA FOR INVOICING” button, you will find the service total value to be invoice, including any country specific tax to be applied, the legal entity, and the Client´s.

Nevertheless, the FU is responsible to apply the correct tax, and he/she should be informed about the taxation rules within the country.

24. Does FUOLOGY provide any Invoice?

Yes. FUOLOGY will provide an Invoice on the maintenance and advertising fee charged to FUs after a maximum of 5 business days. Any invoices related with subscriptions or premium advertising fees are also provided.

25. Can the client pay me directly?

No. The service payment is made, on its entirety, through the FUOLOGY platform, using a third party payment solution called STRIPE.

Payments by other means are a breach of our terms and conditions, FUOLOGY has the right to immediately cancel the service provider's account without prior notice.

26. Do I have to transfer the commission to FUOLOGY?

No. This amount will be automatically debited on your FuCASH account.

27. How can I receive the Money earned through FUOLOGY.

In order to collect any earnings made on the FUOLOGY site, just access the FuBOARD and on the FuCASH section, click on the “TRANSFER BALANCE” button. You will need to define the amount to be transferred at this point.

28. Can I add, remove any service specific categories?

Yes, you have the possibility to add or remove any categories or specializations in the FuCARD section available in your FuHHUB (YOUR ACCOUNT)

29. Who defines services, pricing, locations and availability?

FUs will define these, on their FuCARD profile.

30. I already provide services in other entities, is there any problem?

No, FUs have no contractual obligations with FUOLOGY. There is no exclusivity with us, so you can offer services with as many other companies as you intend to.

1.Who can register in the platform?

1.Who can register in the platform?

2.How can I create an account?

Go to and click on “Register” in the top left. You can then follow the instructions and fill in the required information.

3. I have created an account but have not received the confirmation email. How can I activate the account?

First verify if the confirmation email is not on your SPAM folder. If you have not received the confirmation email, please click on “Re-Send E-mail”, available on the top left of the page in your “Your Account” section. If you still have not received an email, please contact our support team using the email:

4. I cannot get in my account. What can I do?

You can use the retrieve password functionality on the log in screen. If you still cannot get in your account please contact our support team using the email:

5. How can I de-activate my account?

The client and the FUs can, at any time, cancel their registered account. You can make this request in “Your Account” – Options – Account – Close Account.

6.What is the required data you need for the registration?

When registering you will need to supply the following information: Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Country of Residence, Post Code, Address, Phone Number, Email, Password and Photo (optional for clients).

7. Are my details safe and private in FUOLOGY?

FUOLOGY is fully GDPR compliant and takes strong measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your personal details. These measures include the maintenance of a safeguard system which prevents the unauthorized use and misuse of any information.

8. Why was my picture rejected?

The profile picture must correspond to the user, under penalty of user agreement violation. You cannot use any logo, advertisement or any name that can be connected with any brand or company. If the picture does not comply with these terms, it will be rejected by FUOLOGY.

9.Why is my FuCARD still not online

The most common reasons for this to happen are directly connected to: 1) – Personal Title – The content has to correspond to a professional title/function and has to match the submitted documents. 2) – Personal Description – The content must match the service categories connectd with your profile and must not contain names, phone numbers, emails, connects, logos, advertisement for any brand / company – 3) – The profile picture has been declined.

1. Do I have to pay to look for services?

No. Our platform is free of charge to use.

2. Do I have to pay any fees when I am hired through FUOLOGY.

Yes. A maintenance and advertisement fee will be charged everytime you are hired by a Client. To know more please see our Pricing and Fees section.

3. What is the maintenance and advertisement fee?

FUOLOGY applies a maintenance and advertisement fee everytime a professional is hired for a job. The professional agrees to pay this fee in order to use FUOLOGY´s services, such as the ranking on the site, the conflict resolution, and payment services on the site.

4. Are there any costs connectd with keeping the account.

Yes – STRIPE (our third party payment system) charges a fixed commission of 2€s for each month that registers and income. This commission is charged in the beginning of each mount and will not be charged if no movements are made in that month. A 0,25% fee will also be applied on the transacted amount and 0,10€ for each bank transfer.

5. Other commissions or fees?

The different fees charged to use the FUOLOGY platform do not include any possible commissions your bank may charge you, nor any exchange rate commissions. FUOLOGY recommends each user to inform themselves at their bank.



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