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How to get hired?

Clients that look for services using FUOLOGY, can do it in one of two ways: Posting a Job or Hiring a service provider directly via our FU Directory.

Submitting a proposal to a Job Post:

Fus can check the available Job Requests by using the FuMarket. They can use the specially designed filters to help them find the Job Request most suited to their area of expertise.

Have you fund a Job Request that has peaked your interest?

Click on the Request to see it in more detail. Check if you have the required skills to perform the job and send a proposal.

In the selected Job Request page you will find a set of key indicators that will allow you to present the right proposal.

Following your proposal, the Client will be able to get in touch with you through our platform, or hire you directly.

Replying to a Direct Hire request, using the FU Directory:

The FuCard lets Clients hire FUs directly. Hence the importance of having a complete and well detailed FuCard, with the rates well structured and defined, to have all aspects clear.

Clients can choose to hire you on an hourly or fixed basis, depending on the available options on your FuCard. As soon as you are hired, you will be notified by email and sms.

You will also have the opportunity to exchange messages with the Client within our platform to clarify the final details.


Joana M. GO

Dog Walker Lisboa, Portugal

“O meu nome é Joana e sou DogWalker. Sou apaixonada por animais e como não posso ter um num apartamento tão pequeno, adoro passar o meu tempo livre a amigos de 4 patas.”

  • DogWalking - Passear o cão
  • PetSitting - Em casa do cliente
  • Cães
  • Gatos
  • Animais de Fazenda

Sign up now and complete your FuCARD with as much information as you can. This will boost your credibility and visibility within the platform. As soon as your FuCard is ready and approved by us, it will be viewable on FUOLOGY and you will be able to share in on Social Networks.

How to create your FuCARD?

Personal Information: Add a Profile Photo, fill in your name, surname, date of birth and address. You will then be invited to tell us your professional title and a brief personal description. This information can be made available in English and French to increase the chances to be hired internationally.

Services and Rates: Pick a service category and specialties that better fit your service offer. After that you need to define your rates. You must set a hourly rate, so that we can benchmark against other potential FUs. After your profile is created you have the option to set fixed rates custom to each service category. Make sure you detail what those include, as well as carefully explaining what extra work you are willing or not to do, in order to increase the revenue you can get from each client.

Technical and Linguistic Skills: You will have at your disposal more than 1000 technical skills. Choose and classify your technical and linguistic skills.

Finally, you will be asked to share a few documents and connect at least one of your social networks with FUOLOGY ONLY. This enables us to verify the authenticity of your data, boosting your credibility with potential Clients. The verification is essential in order to create a safe and capable community, which can and will be a decisive factor when a Client is hiring you.

In addition:

As soon as you finish creating your account, you will get access to your FuCARD where you will have the option to add more information about yourself, such as professional experience, education, create a work portfolio and even upload na introductory video. You will also be able to add additional skills and jobs you are also able to do, further create and personalize fixed rates and assign any travel costs up until 3 different areas.

Creating an account is free, however some of the options available in the FuCARD are exclusive to subscribers of our FuSTAR and FuSTAR+ plan. Find out more

How to progress at FUOLOGY?

Over time, you will progress in a sequence of levels, which will allow you to have more benefits.

Initially you will be assigned the yellow colour, corresponding to the first level. Levelling up depend entirely on your performance, which will be evaluated using two variables: Number of finished jobs and level of satisfaction. Some of the benefits include:

Lower maintenance and advertising fee, which can be taken down from 12% to 2,5% (additional information available here);

Using the acquired experience to increase your hourly rate.

Rank first in our FU Directory, when a Client is looking for your specific service.

Deliver na excellent service level and move up to the next level! This will help you increase your earnings per Client.

How can I manage my work more efficiently?

FUOLOGY gives you a Personal Area, called FuHub, where you can get access to the following functions:

FuNews - Get up to speed on everything that´s new - Current Discounts, Latest Job Posts as well as other relevant news to the FU community;

FuProjects: Where you can check the Job Posts that you have added to your Favourites, the proposals you have submitted as well as managing your own Service Request as a Client;

FuBoard: Manage your current Jobs, Report on the number of hours of work, attach you invoices and check and transfer your FuCASH balance.

FuClock: Update your availability and let the community know when you are on holiday.

In this section you can access our FuMarket directly where you will find all Job Posts, submit Proposals and check your FuCARD so that you can edit it whenever you want.

When will I get paid for my work?

Services/projects without recurrence and below 250,00€

After a job / task is completed, the FU should access his FuBoard and select the Job Request currently being done and click on Close FuTicket. If the hired Job requires the delivery of specific documents, you should first submit them through the Upload Work and only then click on close FuTicket..

Services/projects with recurrence or amount greater than 250,00€

For recurring jobs, FUs must report the hours worked without exceeding the limit of hours defined by their client.

For non-recurring jobs done via a submitted proposal that surpass the 250,00€, FUs must set payment milestones and define what he/she will undertake in order to release the next payment milestone.

For non-recurring jobs done via the FU directory that surpass the 250,00€, the client will have the option to define payment milestones, when hiring the FU. Payments will be released as the project progresses.

The unlocking of these payments is done directly via the FuBOARD, by selecting the service in progress. The FuTICKET should only be closed when all payment milestones have been completed.

For all the above scenarios, FUOLOGY will reserve the right to keep the payment up until 3 working days, before transfering it to your FuCash account. FU can access the FuBoard at any time to check the total FuCash balance and request a transfer to the respective bank account under the Transfer Balance option.

FUOLOGY will give the FU the option to upload any invoices related with the performed job, so that all legal and tax requirements of the specific country are respected.



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